Online ARM/Thumb/ARM64 Branch Finder/Calculator

*Make sure to test/verify the output. You can do so in our HEX To ARM Converter.


1. In the first box, you need to enter the current offset where you want to write the branch instruction.

2. In the second box, you need to write the instruction which you want to branch to and the function/location name.
3. In the third box, you need to write the offset where you want to branch to.
4. In the fourth box, you need to write the name of the function/location.
5. Select Thumb or ARM from the dropdown box and then press 'Go'.

Example usage screenshots: Thumb - ARM
- ARM64 - Thumb - New Engine - ARM - New Engine

For ARM64 option, you only need your current offset and the offset you want it to branch to but in BL #0xOFFSET format. Example: BNE sub_555555 -> BNE #0x555555

This tool may support a variety of conditions. Tested so far: BL, BEQ, BNE, BGT, BGE, BLE, BMI, BPL and more! Also works with CBZ, CBNZ (CBZ Rn, loc_476FC2) and more! Be sure to test more yourself.

If you have any questions or need any help, find DiDA's whereabouts and contact him. Or click the 'Contact' button at the top.